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Virtual choirs

The 2020 lockdown has been a terribly difficult time for choirs and for the Arts in general and so many choirs took to virtual choirs to continue their love of singing. It hasn’t been easy but it has provided an outlet for singers of all descriptions to be able to feel part of ongoing communal singing activities.

Many grateful thanks to everyone who has been involved in organising such initiatives especially as many have been done without their usual income or any additional funding.

If you feel able, do please donate towards keeping the Arts alive in this country in whatever capacity. The Arts are the cornerstone of Britain’s global reputation and teach us how to be human! 

Evening Hymn

by Henry Balfour Gardiner conducted by Ralph Allwood MBE.

Part of a virtual choir organised by Rodolfus Foundation.


from Five Mystical Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams conducted by Samuel Hudson.

Part of a community event organised in the wake of the cancelled 2020 Worcester Three Choirs Festival.